Course Design: Year 7 English (Non fiction)

See on Scoop.itMoodle and Mahara

Playing about with new course design for Moodle for English department. The CADR is part of the 5 form lesson structure.

There is a summary of the task in the text and students click on the icon to see the detail. This could be an image (Saved PowerPoint file as PNG) or link to a Moodle activity etc.

The icon set are meant to reflect some form of Blooms-ish taxonomy. The full set are here:

Took ages to get the table design right and to create the box appearance I had to make table with extra columns between each. of course much depends on resolutions and devices. The Moodle text editor can be quite trying!

The course layout is “One Topic” and all the key files are on a “Teachers Only” tab which is hidden from students. One topic and Grid format are my personal favourites.

Code for English Moodle CADR Labels

Code to share for label I made in Moodle. Obviously the images will not reproduce but might be of some use to someone?

Blooms Icons – Evidencing Mahara work

See on Scoop.itMoodle and Mahara

A list of Blooms icons in tag format (150 x 80).

When students upload work to Mahara they have to provide a text box explaining the task. Students can attach the tags to show what Higher Order skill they think the task was completed to.

Will link in to our work on PuML Moodle course. Icons will sit in Moodle as we have single sign on so makes it easy to link to.

Icons now been updated to have a colour scheme ROYGBV to make it easier to understand the order

Download via