Who me?

Director of e-learning at Perins School in Alresford, Hampshire.

Scot, moodler and mahara evangelist/bore.

Wanted to be teacher since I was 11, inspired by my teachers and friends Peter Billinghurst and Eddie Deviney. 23rd year of teaching in a variety of schools in Scotland and England, the first 6 of which were as a Physics and Science teacher.

Work with a fabulous bunch of people who make the job so much better (you know who you are…)

Married to Louise with (an often grumpy) 13yr old son Jamie and Alfie the dog. Living in Southampton.

More an early adopter than an innovator. Far more comfortable with 140 characters writing as @gideonwilliams on Twitter.

3 comments on “Who me?

  1. Adam O'Connor says:

    Hi Gideon

    My name is Adam O’Connor I’m a friend of Xhris Allen. I have some bad news about Chris could u email me please


  2. Dan Adiletta says:

    This blog looks great! I love the simple, brief tone. I’m eager to hear more about your experience with ExitTicket. How does it compare with other “clicker” solutions?

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