Blubbr: Just how much did they really take in of that video?

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How awesome could this site be? Allows you to add in your own multiple choice questions to YouTube videos. You can put the questions at any point in the video too.

You need to create an account and have videos available to be viewed on YouTube. Create a a Triv as they call it. Put in the URL link for the video to add to the timeline. Create your multiple choice question (at least 5).

You cannot control where you add the questions to the video (boo!), instead you watch the first 40 seconds and then you are provided with a  timed multiple choice question to answer. After you get feedback on your answer, you are given another chunk of video and so on until the end.

No need for students to create an account although there is a basic leaderboard available if they do (some issues with Facebook!)

Could really benefit the flipped classroom?

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