Opinion Stage: Create Polls, Quizzes, Lists and more

This is great. Free site for a range of features. Easy to set up. Can add video or images either links to URLs or upload yourself.


Nice summary feature which reports back on score you get.


Send as link or more effective embed on your website/VLE etc.


Can get comments on your quiz too.


The list feature is nice for a quick Top 5 features idea.


The Polls feature is easy to create. Also allows users to add in their own ideas.

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https://www.opinionstage.com/gideonwilliams/testing-opinion-stage is an example of a quiz I made and http://www.opinionstage.com/polls/2337077 forr a poll

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Office Mix

Not sure it is strictly a Web2 tool but OfficeMix offers some very interesting and impressive features for creating interactive presentation and guides through PowerPoint.


Huge range of opportunities for sharing resources via cloud or Office365 video and institution. Embedding also possible


I particularly like the range of interactive quiz features that you can insert in addition to the video screen capture feature which instantly adds video to a slide.


Lots of potential for creating engaging tutorials and resources that work equally effectively on tablet as on PC.


An added bonus, found by accident was the Office Labs. Very pleasing to see Office make greater strides in the education sector. Current sitting in the labs are a range of Phet Science simulations from Boulder University, Geogebra for PowerPoint, Fluid Maths, Online Python tutor and a Web Viewer which allows you to insert a web page on your presentation.



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Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes

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A rival to Kahoot? Online multiple choice quiz creator. Up to 4 choices per question. Can include an image in question either as upload or link (no video option). Can choose range of timings for questions including up to 15mins! Allows a range of symbols too including Maths, Science and Geometric symbols! Autosaving of quiz as you go and online preview of question. Questions can be duplicated and deleted easily.


Can set quiz for in class play with a range of flexible options (jumbled questions, jumbled answers, timed play with more points for quicker answers, leaderboard, show answers and music).


Can set as homework option! You select the set date for homework where students play remotely (via a code). Also has all the features for live playing too.


The game play is incredibly slick and the graphics and game play very engaging. For example, in timed mode, you can see other users timed responses for each question and your avatar moves down a scale. The live ranking where you see your place on a leaderboard is brilliant. You can play the same game more than once and you can choose any name to enter with. The computer does remind you that the username has already been used.


There are live reports available for the quiz where you can see the performance of each player for each question. You can download to Excel too. 


I really like it!

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A multimedia snipping tool? Snip the image then record commentary across it and add in some (basic) drawing tools. Microsoft’s release is in beta and it is a good start. The reviews are positive all through there are clear limitations in the drawing tool menus – https://snip.uservoice.com/forums/315486-general


I suppose a tool like this removes a couple of steps that you would ordinarily have with other recording tools and the ability to embed and download are very handy.


Will it start to replace the old snipping tool?

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