Developing a Staff eCompetency Audit

Read a really good post months ago on Mark Anderson’s blog about teacher confidence in using technology:

In it Mark referred to a model based on the work of Mandinach and Cline and used the image below


I really liked the model and the different levels involved. The “expansion” also helps explain some of the levels.

So like all good things I have “magpied” it and adapted it slightly to suit our needs. We have used elements of this in an initial Moodle questionnaire which was sent to Core subjects.  We added in a few features but basically asked staff which features applied most to them. Below is the presentation with the developed features from above:

Click link to view PowerPoint (OneDrive not working – boo!)

There is a new feature now out in questionnaire activity in Moodle 2.6 which is a personality questionnaire style. You can allocate points to questions and at the end, the person can see what they scored and to what “personality” they best fit. Once we go to Moodle 2.6 I will adapt the survey so they can see which element best matches them.

The next stage for the survey (tomorrow!) is to extend this to our 5 key CPD areas:

Digital Pedagogy
Why do we use this stuff in our lessons?
Resource Creation
Stuff can I use in the different parts of my lesson?
Digital Marking and Assessment
Better way to mark and check all this progress stuff
Student Engagement
Getting them to share and comment on stuff
School Systems
Stuff that staff need to know about outside of lessons