Going for Gold….


The heady days of Daytime TV and extended lunches while “preparing” for a lecture or delaying a visit to the Physics Labs to get on with my (failing) project.

To paraphrase the show (and Henry Kelly), the “heat is on” to produce some ideas and guidance for the Senior Leadership Team as to where we take eLearning over the next three years.

Quite rightly the leadership team looks for direction in eLearning from the Director of eLearning (me!). In the 8 or so years I have been in this role it is clearer than ever that wider success can only be achieved when staff understand what eLearning is in terms of their:

  • Pedagogy
  • Andragogy (thanks Andy!)
  • Subject knowledge and delivery
  • Role outside of a lesson.

Going for Gold inadvertently led me to the idea of producing a planning document that gave the team options as to the degrees of approach we could take as a school. In the document I also gave some suggestions as to their priority and a possible timescale.

The areas I looked at were:

  • Staff training and CPD
  • Lesson Observations
  • Reporting and management
  • Department development planning
  • Monitoring of devices

In addition, mainly for reference, I  looked at two separate but linked areas which were Roles & Responsibilities and Photocopying & Printing!!

The model was designed in the form of a rubric which seems to be quite a popular model. Its aim was to promote reflection, debate and discussion.

In my opinion, the development of any elearning strategy needs to address such issues before targets such as “50% use of notebooks in lessons” or “everyone develops a Mahara page as part of their learning” can be considered (or even avoided as this does not directly deal with issues of impact, progress and learning!)

Below is a snapshot of the area that deals with Roles and Responsibilities