Online backup, file sharing and synchronising. Heard about this a while back but never used it – what a big mistake that was. Have it installed on laptop and school network and home. Files are uploaded to the cloud and synchronised so that I dont need to carry them in a memory stick. Up to 3GB storage free with option to extend to 5Gb if you start recommending lots of people. I store all the helpsheets in here and just send someone a link to them. You can now upload folders to the cloud (although sharing them is a bit complicated) – not blocked in Hampshire!! Adding files from home to be read at school take a lot longer than when you add files at home to be read in school.




Online file conversion site – an old favourite which is growing in popularity. You have the choice of converting documents, images, music, video, e-books and more (http://www.zamzar.com/conversionTypes.php)

Convert files up to 100Mb for free!

Many other free conversion software available – see later.