– create your own Educational Flash games

See on Scoop.itMoodle and Mahara

It is an awesome site anyway with a number of free download FLASH games to use and a ridiculously cheap prices for amazing software suites.

What makes it even better is that with the Mahara Flash player you can upload your SWF file, select the External Media block and hey presto you have a quiz you can play that is embedded on your page!

Here is one in action (rather dull I’ll admit):

Here is a great video from the amazing Russel Tarr on students using one of the free resources (Fling the teacher)

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Free Flash Resources for Teachers

Brilliant site which does exactly what it says. My particular favourites are the Countdown clock whose settings can change depending on which mp3 file you link to. Also available are templates for certain quiz types. The Millionaire quiz is a flash template with an xml file that you can edit. There is also a template for playing Weakest Link and a PowerPoint for other quizzes.