Happy Birthday Moodle, now what about these growing pains you’ve got?

Happy Birthday!


Our Moodle is almost 10 years old. Inspired by a presentation from Wildern School we submitted a proposal to our Leadership team and in the April of 2004 Sean Keogh, then of Pteppic.net, installed our server and Moodle came to Perins.

Two years later, Mahara appeared and was then swiftly followed by our 1-1 notebook (now eLearning) scheme.

With our eLearning thinking it is quite grown up, rapidly approaching the tricky teens and under some pressure from its peers I thought it was time to look at it from a different perspective.

The presentation below was part of our regular 10 minute CPD to staff. It was given as we begin of the development of the next three year strategic plan and before an INSET Day where we consider, amongst other things, the role of eLearning.

[Best watched in new window by clicking the right hand icon and using the spacebar]

Some mildly controversial points….

ContentGenerator.net – create your own Educational Flash games

See on Scoop.itMoodle and Mahara

It is an awesome site anyway with a number of free download FLASH games to use and a ridiculously cheap prices for amazing software suites.

What makes it even better is that with the Mahara Flash player you can upload your SWF file, select the External Media block and hey presto you have a quiz you can play that is embedded on your page!

Here is one in action (rather dull I’ll admit): http://mahara.perins.net/view/view.php?t=zdKkxXCTF2Q8RGqjUtZf

Here is a great video from the amazing Russel Tarr on students using one of the free resources (Fling the teacher)

See more on www.contentgenerator.net

Forth Valley College Moodle YouTube Channel and Mahara Help page

See on Scoop.itMoodle and Mahara

Not just any Moodle Channel but Forth Valley College’s own video help guides for supporting Moodle2. Awesome stuff.

Link to their Moodle Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MoodleChannel/videos


Moodle on Mahara

Also, which is equally brilliant is their open access Mahara pages for resources, support and guidance when creating Moodle courses. Find this at http://moodle.forthvalley.ac.uk/mahara/view/view.php?id=27155