Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes

Sourced through Scoop.it from: quizizz.com

A rival to Kahoot? Online multiple choice quiz creator. Up to 4 choices per question. Can include an image in question either as upload or link (no video option). Can choose range of timings for questions including up to 15mins! Allows a range of symbols too including Maths, Science and Geometric symbols! Autosaving of quiz as you go and online preview of question. Questions can be duplicated and deleted easily.


Can set quiz for in class play with a range of flexible options (jumbled questions, jumbled answers, timed play with more points for quicker answers, leaderboard, show answers and music).


Can set as homework option! You select the set date for homework where students play remotely (via a code). Also has all the features for live playing too.


The game play is incredibly slick and the graphics and game play very engaging. For example, in timed mode, you can see other users timed responses for each question and your avatar moves down a scale. The live ranking where you see your place on a leaderboard is brilliant. You can play the same game more than once and you can choose any name to enter with. The computer does remind you that the username has already been used.


There are live reports available for the quiz where you can see the performance of each player for each question. You can download to Excel too. 


I really like it!

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