Zaption – Interact & Learn with Video Lessons

Another integrated/interactive video package (see EduCanon,  EdPuzzle etc) which looks a little better and easier than others. Zaption calls interactive videos “tours”. You can share tools with others.


The free version lets you watch as many video lessons as you like from YouTube or Vimeo. Create  “lessons” using 6 interactive elements with a single video (text message, drawing, open response, multiple choice with feedback, checkbox answers).


Upload a video then trim to include only the features you want. Scroll along the video adding in the features. You can layer features on top of features.


Can be embedded via iframe or modal (javascript)


Teacher can view analytics and download/grade responses


Viewer available for Apps

Sourced through from:

See on Scoop.itWeb2.0 Tools for Staff and Students


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