Trello: Project Management and Organising Tool

Trello is a sort of project management tool that works a bit like padlet.


You start by creating boards which can be thought of as headings to group things under eg Planning, Designing, Shopping List etc


Once a board is made you then add items to it. Trello calls these “cards”.


The cards can be colour coded and moved around in a different order.


Clicking in a card gives you more options like multiple colour codes, voting on the card, creating checklist items for each card (which you tick off) and adding attachments (images, files etc) from Google, OneDrive your Computer etc


Clicking on the Menu you can add in “Power Ups” which includes the ability to add voting to cards (if you make the trello public) and calendar dates (for time sensitive tasks). You can also add in sticker logos (by dragging on to the card).


You can also create an organisation which allows Trello members in your team to contribute to your board and link other boards.


See on Scoop.itWeb2.0 Tools for Staff and Students


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