VotAR (alpha) – Applications Android sur Google Play

VotAR is an Augmented Reality audience Voting or audience survey system. Your audience hold some papers with a special printed symbol to vote, and as the speaker you take a photo of it with this app, it will analyze the photo to count the votes.

How does it work ?
1) Prepare a list of “single choice questions” with 2 to 4 possible choice to pick from, to use during a presentation
2) Print and distribute one VotAR paper for each student on a color printer (double sided front and back ; back side can be hand-written). Can be downloaded here : http://poinsart.com/ftp/ste/votar/
3) Ask the question you want to your audience
4) Ask your audience to hold the colored side facing you and rotate it to see on their side the letter of their choice right side up
5) Take a photo of your audience
6) Wait until the results are displayed


Currently only available on Android. 


Wonder how it compares to mQlicker? http://bsnelearning.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/mqlicker-student-response-system.html ;

Source: play.google.com

See on Scoop.itWeb2.0 Tools for Teachers and Students


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