TinyTap – Create Personalised Games, Quizzes and Lessons on your Tablet

Saw this site at BETT. Allows you to play and create personalised games for the iPad and Android. You can also make lessons and games. 


The games/quizzes can be played on the device or embedded into other web based platforms via iframes.


Some of the game examples are more KS1 early KS2 but its very very endearing and a huge potential.


Great features available:

Creation Packs with lots of characters and backgrounds

Online image search feature

Upload images from any device linked eg Dropbox, OneDrive etc

Text boxes and formatting for writing

Drawing tools and styles

Share your game

Embed your completed game

Add a challenge mode with leaderboard, wrong answer limit, question timers and game timers

Add a selection of background music

Record your questions

Add recordings for correct and wrong answers

Add questions linked to images eg Year WW1 started, Nelson Mandela, Ou est la plage?

Add a sound board eg record word in Spanish and have it play when you click on the picture

Shape Puzzle eg drag and drop shapes in correct position or fill in missing words eg for sentence construction

Video – although I got a 404 error?


Create one quiz or a whole section of quizzes linked together in one game.


This would be a brilliant resource in the hands of a student. Get them to work with other departments or teachers in junior school to produce a range of activities and get them published!


Help videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBZeFJrZmCc&index=7&list=PL4kNQUtOflk-qvjAThJW9SiiwMlkkRfm_



Art http://www.tinytap.it/games/gh69/play/?id=tw

Geog http://www.tinytap.it/games/ggbx/



Awesome… Try it for yourself!


Source: www.tinytap.it

See on Scoop.itWeb2.0 Tools for Teachers and Students


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