Kaizena · Give Great Feedback · Voice Comments for Google Drive

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Ok this is rather cool. Kaizena allows you to record verbal feedback to a Google document.


You share your Google Drive with Kaixena and select the file that you wish to add the feedback too.


When the page loads you see who you are sharing the file with on the left hand side.


Your pointer turns into a highlighter and you highlight the section that you want to feedback on. When this is done you get three options:

Add a recording, add a commment or add a http link


Click on Add a recording icon and record your comment.


Next you select the individuals you wish to share the feedback with and choose if you wish to send them an email or the Doc comments


When you go into the document and click on Comments you are asked to visit ANOTHER!!! link to see th work you have done (Not so good as I though it would be embedded in the original document


Says it works for offline resources too.

Limited in that you cannot seem to select MORE THAN ONE recipient at a time to see the feedback.

It might grow on me or iron out some of these issues or maybe I am not using it right?

See on kaizena.com


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